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What was your first shiny Pokemon?

My first is the shiny Froakie. In the beginning, you can't even judge that it is shiny. Because the chromatic aberration is not great.  I made him my original starter in the first mini-game of Pokemon Y. When he evolved into Greninja. I think which black is cool. In the game, I will go to and choose Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. This is my task. It looks beautiful. Before the meeting, I didn't know that he would be a shining person.

I know how rare is it to encounter a shiny thing at the beginning of my new game? I am ecstatic! Almost jumping in my seat, nervous and excited. So saying that I am nervous may be an understatement. Because this is the beginning of the game. This is a rare opportunity. It is extremely rare to find shiny Pokemon, and it is even rarer to get shiny launchers randomly. In the game, to win, I choose Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale. After stopping the game, I like this little guy. I continue to transfer him to my new game.

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