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Where to go on vacation?

Undiscovered Tunisia For me personally, Tunisia was just a discovery.
Diverse Greece A European country which is gaining popularity among our tourists.
Green Montenegro Small and friendly country.
Active Cyprus
Affordable Bulgaria
Hospitable Georgia

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Re: Where to go on vacation?

What about beautiful Thailand? It's Paradise itself... All these palm trees, flowers, smells, fruits, wonderful animals, incredibly delicious food, smiling Thais, cool excursions, especially here All this gives a boost of vitality and energy, which neither in Turkey nor in Egypt will not get! 
For Thailand there is an unofficial name - The Land of Smiles. And it's not a matter of Thais cordial attitude towards guests. A smile for the locals is more a state of mind, a view of the world. In the Thai language there is even a definition of this attitude to life, when you get pleasure from everything, whatever you do. Called briefly and succinctly - "sanuk".

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