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Taking Care of a Wig

In today’s day and age, wigs are no longer merely hush-hush gossip. Women–celebs included— wear them proudly, switching up hair color, and daily styles. So much so, that experts count them as trends to look out for. And men, well, men, might’ve been on to the whole lace hairline frontal rejuvenation process for light years before women,so the best one is lace front human hair wig for sale on the market, but that’s a topic for another time. The fact of the matter is that although we know wig-life is alive and well, do we know anything about how to take care of a wig too?
Taking a look at my situation, I received my first human hair full lace wig in the summer of 2018, and boy was I happy. To finally achieve a super natural hairline that looked as if it were actually growing from my scalp was a big feat. Yet, about 3 months into parading her around—“her” is my alias for my unit, otherwise known as a wig—she began to shed. She shed and shed, and grew dull, lack-luster, and thin. And so did my confidence about wearing her out. I had to take the unit into surgery mode. I knew there was a way to revive her, and perhaps, maybe, I wasn’t taking adequate care of her all along. So I sought after professional expert help and came across a Brooklyn Hairstylist, Orlando Palmer, who specializes in hair extensions, wig making, wig customization, coloring, cutting, and styling.
“If you’re wearing a wig and using an adhesive [glue on the wig] you need to be seeing your stylist every 2 weeks. Nothing less than that, ” Palmer explained to me when first chatting about the do’s and don’ts of wig care. I’d seen his work on dancehall artist Hood Celebrity who arguably had one of the best songs to hit urban radio in 2018, and also a couple VH1 reality stars.
“The reason is, wigs, especially if they are being installed, is a luxury service” he proceeded. “It is not the everyday hairstyle and it has to be treated as such. That goes for glued lace wigs. And if it’s not glued, that is also a luxury hairstyle. That has requirements too like wearing a cap, moisturizing your natural hair to prevent friction, rubbing, shedding, and stuff like that.”
Requirements? I was dumbfounded. Prior to this awakening, I believed this was a grab-n-go deal. I imagined the only requirement in handling a wig was to make sure it fits my hairline correct and maybe spraying some dry shampoo on it when it became excessively oily. To ensure my future units would be left safe and sound in my hands, I stretched deep in conversation with Orlando about being cognizant with lace wigs, regular wigs, human hair, and synthetic hair.

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